What You Should Know about Escape Rooms?

Escape room adventures are definitely not the usual kind of thing that most people get up to in their free time. There is really no other activity like it for the way it completely pulls participants into another world. Few other experiences can generate real tension the way an escape room can as the clock runs down. This uniquely realistic and immersive nature of an Escape Room is perhaps the main reason that they have become so popular.

Before you step into an escape room and hear the door lock behind you, ask yourself:

  • Can I handle the pressure?
  • Am I a good team player?
  • How good are my problem-solving skills?
  • Will I be able to visit the washroom?

The answers in question order are:

  • the pressure is exciting so don’t feel too anxious;
  • this is the perfect place to learn cooperation;
  • this is the perfect place to develop problem-solving abilities;
  • yes, you will have lots of chances!

TOP facts that you should know about escape rooms

The Escape Room phenomenon is relatively new, with the first one being set up in 2003. However, the concept took the world by storm and today, there are already over 8,000 escape room facilities around the planet.

Most people assume that escape rooms are all about solving puzzles but there is so much variety that it is impossible to list them all down. The common features are searching for hidden objects, noticing clues hidden in plain sight, solving riddles and assembling a physical object (like a jigsaw puzzle). Some of the more innovative rooms use mathematics, mirrors, target shooting, mazes and interaction with actors.

The types of clues in an escape room may be diverse but one other factor varies even more widely: setting. Escape rooms may be set up as an ordinary office, school or clinic but more exotic scenarios like airplanes, carnivals, military bases, prisons, space stations and tombs are also popular.

Another variety factor is the period of the setting. While most escape rooms are set in the present, others choose a specific period from the past like prehistoric times, the Ice Age, the Greek era, the Wild West or the golden age of the buccaneers. The future is also a recurring theme.

For a completely different experience, there are theme-based escape rooms too. These often align with the genre of TV shows and films that are popular at the moment. For example, the Harry Potter series inspired a slew of magic-inspired rooms. The same occurred with the vampire theme following the release of the Twilight franchise and the zombie apocalypse scenario following The Walking Dead.

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