What is an escape game?

The topic “What is an Escape Game” is slowly getting bigger and bigger and everywhere in Germany more and more shops are adding. But what exactly is such an escape game? What do you have to do? What do you have to pay attention to?

Here we try to give you a small overview about it: What is an Escape Game?

Escape Game, escape room or rather live escape adventure?

First of all the frequently asked question whether there is a difference between live escape games, exit games, adventure games, escape rooms and escape games. In principle the answer here is no, all these terms stand for the same principle but each provider has different preferences as he calls his escape games. Why do we say in principle it is the same? That’s easy to answer, every provider in Germany has different rooms, it doesn’t just depend on the room itself (e.g. size), but above all on the theme the escape room is supposed to convey.
What do Escape Rooms look like?

The Live Escape scenarios range from a classical prison escape to old medieval dungeons to the only secured treasure chamber of a big bank. There is no limit to your imagination, everything you can imagine can be realized. In Germany, the Escape Game theme is only now really booming, but in other countries such as Russia or the U.S., for example, one is already much further. So far that there are even escaperooms with actors who give you hints in a certain setting or simply try to scare the players and put them under time pressure. But so far Germany is not yet here, so far there are only the classic exit rooms.
What is there to do during the game?

A group of people (usually 2-6) dare to go on an adventure together and try to solve an important task. Many people can’t imagine much of it before their first escape room visit. What do you have to do there? This question isn’t easy to answer either, in the end it all depends on the escape room what you have to do, there are standard examples of puzzles you can find in almost every live escape room: find a key to unlock a box or a cupboard, combine different items e.g. statues with different sized pedestals or find a combination to a safe by solving a word or math puzzle. All these are possibilities that await you in an escape game.

These are of course only the simple examples, in some rooms e.g. our Fallout room you have to find out different settings at a computer terminal, try a little around and explore. These are also two very important keywords, try and explore. Every escape room is based on the fact that people don’t really know what to expect before they play, you get a brief insight into the room beforehand, you get a task, but what kind of puzzles are in the room is not yet known. That’s a big part of the whole escape game fascination. You are in a completely unknown environment, e.g. in a nuclear shelter, or an abandoned and haunted photo lab. And now it’s time to explore the room first. You open all drawers, you thumb through all objects for hidden clues and little by little you find things that fit together, things that make a pattern, pieces of paper that belong together, words on the wall that make a pattern or objects that seem to fit together perfectly, the possibilities here are very diverse.

If this little introduction has aroused your interest, please visit our shop and try out a game. We hope we have answered your “What is an Escape Game” question.



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