Escape Game for beginners

Be attentive, be curious – Our tips for beginners

Together with your team you enter an Escape Room for the first time. You are confronted with the silence and wait for something to happen. But there is no such thing. Perhaps there is a brave person among you who makes the start. He takes an object in his hand. Inspected. Inspected. And that’s what matters. Have no false shyness. For you are neither in a horror cabinet nor a ghost train. You’re together in an exit room – and that should, besides a little thrill and adrenaline, do one thing above all – FUN!

The first step to a successful Escape Game is your attention and curiosity. Split up, spread your wings together, and explore every corner of the room. Pay attention to details.

This first step requires no prior knowledge, logic or combination spirit from you. Curiosity and attention are your greatest helpers in the first minutes of the game. Because if you search attentively, you will quickly experience success.
For all beginners who are considering visiting Plan B Escape, we have prepared a small checklist to help you get a good start in your Escape game:

Have you found an object that can be opened? – Open it!
Can you flip an item over? – Turn it over!
Does an object have multiple sides or levels? – Take a close look at them all.
A hint doesn’t make sense at first? – Make a note of it, because it can help you in the further course of the game.
Don’t try to solve or open an object by force – you’ll recognize objects that can help you.

Use the time at the beginning of the game to search everything thoroughly and take notes if necessary. These can help you in the further process and you save time. Because with decreasing playing time the stress increases. So don’t be afraid to ask for time on a regular basis. Our game leaders will be happy to keep you up to date. And if you’re stuck in a dead end, our game leaders are on the spot and can put you back on track with little hints.

So: Be courageous, curious and attentive. Use the first minutes. And above all: have fun!

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