Fears and uncertainties among newcomers in the Escape Game

Fears and insecurities among newcomers in Escape Game

This blog entry is for all those who haven’t yet had the chance to try out an Escape Room. The game may at first seem intimidating to some – the idea of being locked in a room with other people and not knowing exactly how it all works in detail! Or you have to take part in a teambuilding activity and are unsure whether your fear of your colleagues makes you look stupid. Of course we understand that!

That’s why we want to pick up on your potential fears and insecurities in this blog entry, so you can feel a little safer the first time you visit our PlanB Escape Rooms.
The closed room (claustrophobia)

If you’re reading this blog, you should be familiar with the basic concept of Escape Rooms – you know that you’ll be searching for clues and hints with a team in a closed room to escape the room at the end. “Closed space” doesn’t mean “small space” – our rooms have an average size of X m2 – which should also take away some of the initial insecurity of the claustrophobic among you. And since you’ve already made it to this page, you already seem to have a general interest in the concept of the Escape Game!
About movement and excitement

You certainly don’t have to be a top athlete to play in our rooms. While you should be prepared to move within the Escape Room and coordinate with your team to find the necessary clues, they are always there, even without much acrobatics. More importantly, you need to use your brains and work in harmony with your team. Order fanatics should be prepared for a certain amount of disorder in all this, as our rooms are designed to create a certain tension and to make it an exciting and tricky puzzle.
Screaming and laughter

You should definitely prepare yourself for a playful activity that can sometimes get louder – especially with family or friends. Laughter and shouting alternate regularly, as our puzzles of excitement and frustration are always a tightrope act. But always try not to shout at your fellow players directly, even if there are moments of frustration. Always be aware that you are part of this adventure together!
Communication and Attention

Two of the basic aspects of Escape Game are efficient communication and a high level of attention. Without these two elements, you could also play the Escape Game alone on the computer. Always keep in mind that some players are more communicative than others and try to respond to your adventure in a positive and constructive way.
Differences of opinion

Whether you like it or not, not everyone on your team will think the same thing about the duration of the game as you do. There may be differences of opinion during the 60 minutes (between parents and children, colleagues or friends). Don’t regard this as negative. Because 12 eyes see now times more than 2 and can contribute at the end only together to the successful solution of the mystery!
Confusion and anxiety

When you enter the game rooms, everything can seem confusing and overwhelming at first. Don’t worry – there’s no need to panic! Proceed step by step. Start by searching for clues and combining them! And don’t forget not to take the whole thing ZU seriously – the whole thing is a game and you should have fun with your adventure!
Failures and disappointment

You shouldn’t be led astray by small failures or one-way streets and shouldn’t hang your head! If the first attempts at a solution don’t bring you to your goal, try again. And don’t forget, you are working in the team and can always count on your fellow players. If you ever have the feeling that you are stuck in a dead end – our game leader is always there for you and can guide you to the right track with hints.
Success and ecstasy

While there may be moments of disappointment during the game, the moments of success far outweigh it. Whether your team manages to escape the room or not. The impressive feeling of happiness you’ll feel when you discover a clue or solve one of the puzzles will quickly make you forget the minor setbacks!

So whether you manage to solve all the puzzles in the time allotted or not, you can be proud of yourself after the game!

Because you’ve tried something new and exciting and given it your best! And that’s what we think is most important!

In the hope that this entry could take some of your worries away, we are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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