What if everyone who plays your escape room became the top promoter?

Can you imagine having a whole army of salespeople who will take your Escape
Room further market – completely without paying them a cent?

Then pay attention now. With the following simple rules, you get the tools you need.

How exactly is that supposed to work?

One of the best ways to sell Live Escape Games is through referral.

In fact, it is one of the best and most effective ways to sell anything.

Getting a reference is almost like getting a freelancer to work for you – the more
new players direct your customers to you, the smaller your marketing budget must be.

That’s why online reviews are so important.

A good rating will definitely increase the sales of your Escape Room.

A few bad reviews, on the other hand, can be a real poison to your escape game.

It is important to know what your customers really think about your Escape Game.
Priorities in marketing the Escape Room

Although there are, of course, many efficient and budget-friendly ways to reduce sales
of your escape game, online review management is the key to your success.
further success.

It is not only important for you to collect honest feedback – so that you can improve your service and
can continuously improve their Escape Games – but also ratings are
Important resources used by Escape Room customers to make decisions,
which Live Escape Rooms you would like to visit.
Here are four reasons why collecting positive reviews is at the top of your list.
I should be on the priority list.


Size doesn’t matter:

Reviews promote companies of all sizes. You don’t have to be a huge global chain with a massive marketing budget to benefit from good reviews.

Reviewers don’t care how big your Escape Room is or how long you’ve been in business – their only interests are a) how entertaining and challenging your Escape Room is and b) how friendly, courteous and helpful your staff is.

Reviews give you a visibility that traditional marketing channels simply can’t achieve.

Your brand is brought closer to an audience that could otherwise ignore your ads or not see them at all.

If people are looking for leisure activities that are in their environment, they don’t necessarily have to have an escape game in mind. But if your business shows up with numerous great reviews, the likelihood that they will try it increases.
SEO value:

The more reviews you have, the higher search engines will rank your website.

It is an infinite loop. You will get more traffic to your website through the links in the ratings, which will improve your ranking, which will again increase your visibility on search engines, which will then again generate more traffic to your website.
Website will send. . . etc. etc. etc..
Reputation and network:

A successful evaluation balance shows other local businesses that you are the kind of business they want to support.

You will gain the respect of local entrepreneurs and earn trust and loyalty in your region.


Reviews are a long-term investment.

Often a great review published on a trusted website is enough to convince undecided players to give your Escape Game a chance.

Make sure that these players have an excellent experience, and you have just gained new loyal customers.

The commercial value for this single review could be tens of thousands of dollars in sales.
Follow these six steps to turn online review management into your secret marketing weapon.
1. register your escape space on any platform.

You have start with quantity and forget quality for a while.

When collecting reviews – first comes quantity then quality

We will come back to quality later.

First you need to make sure that your Escape Room is visible.

Register your Escape Room at least on the following social networks and websites:


There are many blogs that specialize in Escape Room Reviews. Here I have listed some of them.

If you want your Escape Room to be listed, make sure the blog knows about you.

Escape Reviewer
Escape Room Directory
Lock me if you can
Escape Room Addict

If you regularly publish content on your website, it’s a good idea to integrate Disqus.
You might think it’s an exaggeration, but trust me, it’s absolutely essential for your customers to be able to review your Escape Room there.

Once you have registered your Escape Room on each platform – start collecting as many reviews for your Escape Room as possible.


2. collect as many reviews as possible for your Escape Room

Whether good or bad – the more the better.

What you need to make sure is that your customers can leave a rating on every platform they visit.

Make it easy for the customer to leave reviews on websites.

The registration should not force you.

Avoid captcha – use it only when absolutely necessary.

Most reviews come from mobile phone – make sure that rating your escape room from mobile phone is just as easy as writing an SMS.

Tip: Make writing a review as mobile-friendly as possible.

Reward customers for a review.

There is a catch:

If you offer your customers something directly for their Escape Room rating, they will feel manipulated.

Moreover, it is unethical and is directly prohibited by many platforms.

Instead, you could offer a raffle where a randomly selected report (good or bad – no matter) can win a prize every month.

Create a community, such as a Facebook group, and encourage your customers to join.
Tip: You could also use your free Wi-Fi to refer people to your Escape Room Review platform.

How do you encourage your customers to leave reviews?

Organize a debrief after each Escape Game

During the meeting, you ask specific questions:
– What did you like?
– What don’t you like?
– What can we do better?

First, it helps you to get the feedback.

But second and foremost:

If the experience of the customers is discussed in the Escape Room in direct contact, the negative feedback is given directly there before it is published on the Internet.

If you get positive feedback, it’s a great opportunity to ask the customer to post a review online.

Here is another thing you can do.

Many Escape Rooms take photos with some props after the team has finished the Escape Game.

Go one step further.

Prepare the following posters:

“I loved it”


“You should try it sometime.”

Some of your customers will definitely pick up these posters and take photos with them.

Use posters with a positive message

People like to be consistent, so after taking pictures with the poster “I loved it” your customers will leave a positive impression.

Here’s another trick:

Escape rooms can be very satisfying, especially for someone who’s playing for the first time.
Those who visit an Escape Room for the first time are mostly positively surprised.

Use it to your advantage.
This is the best Escape Room rating you can get.

Now let me ask you a simple question:

Who should rate your Escape Room?

Really everyone?

Of course not.

So we come to the next step.


3. get your Escape Room reviews from independent reviewers

Think about it:

Who would you trust more – escape room providers who say their escape game is great, or a random person who just finished their game and tells you the opposite?

People tend to trust independent opinion.

When we talk about a particular business area, it’s obvious that people associated with that business will be influenced.

So, the less you are involved with the business, the more a random person would trust your opinion.

The more the reviewer belongs to your company, the fewer people would trust its rating.

So make sure that the reviewers are not interwoven with their Escape Room. 4.
4. make sure that people share Escape Room reviews with their friends.

Make sure that Escape Room reviews are seen by your customers’ friends.

How would you do that?

Do you remember the photos with the positive poster messages?

Email your customers’ photos to them or tag them on Facebook.

Make sure your logo is visible on every photo.

When your customers publish the photo on their profile, many of their friends will see that they have enjoyed your Escape Room experience.
5. track your Escape Room reviews

Once you have set up your Escape Room on various websites, directories, etc., you need to make sure that you start reviewing the ratings.

If someone mentions your Escape Room somewhere, you should be up to date to respond as quickly as possible.
Here are some tools that can help you:

Google Alerts
Sprout Social

Each rating – negative or positive – provides you with valuable information about your Escape Room offering.
6. set up Escape Room evaluation management

Let’s see how you can deal with ratings.

How to deal with positive Escape Room ratings?

Use these reviews to your advantage:

Use positive reviews in your advertising.

Put the best ratings as quotes on your website.

Make sure that any positive reviews are also shared with your employees.

How to deal with negative Escape Room reviews?

It’s hard not to be disappointed after reading negative reviews.

However, some of them are simply not fair.

It is important to remain calm when reading a negative rating.

However, you should take the rating very seriously as it can damage your reputation and your business.

As soon as you get a negative rating – react immediately.

What should your Escape Room learn from this?

How can you improve yourself?

What positive aspects can you draw from the negative rating?

Treat any negative rating with attention.

Publish a comment that you are dealing with the problem.

In the meantime, try to solve each problem individually offline and not in public space.

Do this by email or phone.

Once the problem is solved (and only then) briefly describe in public how and when the problem was solved.

Too many bad reviews mean that something is wrong with your Escape Room offering.
However, there are negative reviews that are unfair (which doesn’t mean they should be ignored).

Make sure your employees see how they should respond to negative feedback.

Make sure they see how exactly customer problems can be solved.

Remember – your customers are your salespeople.

Treat your customers well – and they will sell for you.


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