3 reasons why you just have to love escape games

Many of our customers who are playing an Escape Game for the first time say: This is the game from “The Big Bang Theory”. In fact, Escape Games are now very popular on almost every continent in the world and are finding more and more followers in Germany. Meanwhile there are 19 providers in Berlin, 13 in Hamburg, 9 in Frankfurt and 8 in Munich. Where does this rapid growth come from and why can so many players get excited about these puzzle games? This article gives 3 attempts to explain.

1) Solving Escape Rooms makes you happy

Anyone who has ever tried an escape game knows: solving difficult tasks makes for a very special feeling. After every success new things are discovered, e.g. single objects or even whole rooms which were hidden before. Every success gives up new tasks to solve again and again. You get the feeling that it goes ahead and the story, which seemed complex and unsolvable at the beginning, dissolves more and more. Like a big puzzle, which you put together piece by piece. You get the feeling that you’re evolving.
So Escape Games can be a great Dopanim booster, with absolute addiction factor. Note: This only works, of course, if you don’t get too dogged with the thing and you puzzle as a team together and not each for himself. Where we would already be at point two….

2) Escape Games promote team spirit and creativity

What is more fun than overcoming a difficult problem? Exactly: As a team to overcome a difficult problem together.
In almost every Escape Game there are elements which require the cooperation of the players. You don’t become world champion as a genius, but as a team. Every team success further welds the group together, which is why Escape Games are becoming more and more popular with companies.
In addition: Escape Games are in principle solvable for everyone. They don’t require any special skills, but just a little skill, creativity and brain fat. And most importantly, don’t keep your good ideas to yourself, share them with your team.

3) Escape Games turn a story into a real experience

An Escape Game is like a movie or a book, only that it doesn’t just take place on a screen or in your own head, but in reality. It’s like a computer game in which every object can be touched and everything you see really exists. Mistakes are punished, success brings you further. So the whole story is not only experienced passively as a spectator, but actively as the main actor.

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