New unique format at Plan B – interactive escape rooms

  1. Plan B presents a new escape room format – interactive games.

Plan B now offers a new Escape Room experience: Live Escape Rooms!

But what exactly are these Live Escape Rooms and how do they work?

What Live Escape Rooms are is quickly explained. The rooms themselves do not differ from normal Escape Games, but the players are not directly in the room, but can complete all puzzles from the comfort of their own homes. One of our game masters is on site in our room and streams everything he sees live via video transmission. The players can now give commands to our game master and tell him where to go and what to do. In this way the players can find and solve all the puzzles together with our game master.

The whole game is started by simply clicking on a link that the players receive from us. Afterwards they are directly in our livestream. Here they have in addition to the live game an inventory in which some useful items and written things in good quality can be found.

  1. Description of all our games that are available.

At the moment there are three different games available: Fallout, the Dungeon and Project:Impossible.


In our Fallout Room you will find yourself in an old nuclear fallout shelter which is about to be completely shut down. It is your task to reboot the necessary systems to prevent this shutdown and to ensure your survival.

The dungeon:

In the dungeon you will find yourself on the trail of an ex-prisoner. After your archaeological team accidentally locked themselves in the dungeon, you will find various clues left by the prisoner to help you figure out how he managed to escape.


The most classic of our scenarios. You are a group of gangsters who have made it their mission to rob one of the best secured banks in the world. You only have 60 minutes before security changes shifts and you get caught.

  1. Summary

If you want to play one of our rooms but are unable to play it on location, this is the perfect opportunity for you to play one of our exciting rooms.

It is also a convenient way to play an Escape Room together if you and your friends are spread all over Germany.

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