Live Escape Game story

Those who grew up in the 90’s will surely know them: the classic Point and Click Adventure games like Monkey Island were milestones in the history of computer games. Searching for clues, they searched every corner of the fictional game world to find the puzzle of Monkey Island. That rings a bell?

Of course. From the screen as a live escape game to reality, the adventure games were first transferred to Game Conventions, where they were built as an escape room. The sources don’t give a clear indication of where the Escape Game first came into reality – the USA or Japan. What is clear is that since the first releases in 2006, the development of the Exit Games as a popular leisure activity has picked up speed and is increasingly in demand as a destination for friends, family and colleagues.

Berlin and Munich made the start in Germany, after the Live Escape Game enjoyed great popularity especially in Hungary. Due to the rapid development not only the number of providers (alone over 200 providers in Germany – has steadily increased, but also the range of missions, style of escape rooms and modalities have increased extremely.

The palette reaches from Horror Escape Rooms, to completely specifically mathematically interpreted Exit Rooms, topic-referred Escape Rooms or live Escape Rooms, in which the play leader interactively intervenes as an actor into the happening. Another reason for the growing popularity of Escape Room Games – Attention! Irony of development history – is the possibility to escape from digital everyday life for a moment. Even though the roots of Live Escape Games lie in the digital sphere, the analogue space with mysterious objects to touch and touch is a welcome change from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

In Stuttgart you have the choice between 4 live escape game providers, in Karlsruhe there are even 6. A lot of possibilities to test an escape room as a common destination and to escape from the digital everyday life for a moment.

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