Escape Rooms for the bachelor party

On the way to the safe harbour – a stopover at the Escape Room

Your best friend is already heading unerringly for the port of marriage. The preparations for the Day of Days are in full swing. And part of the planning is, of course, also how the farewell to bachelor or bachelor life should proceed. Because before the safe harbour is reached, life is to be celebrated together with friends once more and freedom is to be celebrated. And what could be better than a start in your JGA with a visit to an Escape Room. Because after you’re initially locked up in a mysterious room, you’ll combine and fiddle your way to freedom together – which you’ll undoubtedly be able to to toast afterwards.

A visit to an escape game with your friends guarantees you action and adventure – even without alcohol – and is the perfect introduction to the day. By puzzling together and searching for clues in the Escape Room, your group will be welded together – because together you are unbeatable.
An Escape Game is suitable for both smaller and larger groups – and is therefore more and more popular when a bachelor party is on the agenda. In theory, a visit to the Escape Room can start with just two players. But the more players there are, the more fun it can be. So why not form two teams and compete in two Escape Rooms in parallel. This increases the motivation and after a successful Escape Game each player is looking forward to a cool beer as a reward.

However, you should really make sure to treat yourself to the beer as a reward after the Escape Game. Because the general Escape Room organizer won’t let you play drunk. And alcohol is not even necessary for an unforgettable experience in the Escape Room. In this case, the job is done by the adrenaline that will shoot you through your body as you solve the various puzzles and tasks.

You should also be careful not to take photos during your stay in the Escape Room. Always keep in mind that there is a lot of work behind the puzzles and tasks and that you could reveal crucial clues with photos. But after the Escape Game you are invited to photograph as much and as freely as you like. You are also welcome to contact your game master and ask for one or two objects or accessories from your Escape Room. He will certainly not refuse your request!

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