A day at PlanB

In our shop there are rarely things that are unusual. The customers come by and talk to us and play their game. From time to time “funny” things happen during a game. Customers who solve a puzzle in an interesting way, or groups who have a lot of fun with each other, so that we as game leaders in our Escape Game Karlsruhe also get something out of it.

The funniest things, however, mostly happen with bachelor farewells, as recently when a group of 10 ladies played both rooms in parallel. The two groups were very keen to be faster than the other group, which is of course a very strong incentive. The walkie-talkie constantly asked how far the others were and whether their own group was solving the puzzles faster. Of course this is a bit difficult to answer with two different rooms, but the point of the story is that both groups finished the rooms exactly at the same time and faced each other in surprise.

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