Choosing the Best Escape Room for your Team

When choosing an escape room for you and your Team, there are a few things you need to look out for. We want to give you a quick overview over what to look out for, but keep in mind that with escape rooms a lot is subject to what you like and what your own personal interests are.

So let’s directly begin.


1. Topic


Out first point is in my opinion the most important point. Before booking an escape room, check out the topic of said room. In the end the most important part of a room aren’t the riddles but the overall atmosphere and specifically the topic. If you don’t like prison scenarios, you will not find a prison escape room that you will like even if this room has the most elaborate and fascinating riddles.

So the first thing you should check when booking an escape room, are the different scenarios and especially the ones that interest you most. The good thing is, that most cities have a wide range of different Escape Room providers, and also a wide range of different topics.


2. Amount of players


The second most important thing in my opinion is the amount of players, it doesn’t help you at all looking for escape rooms with a group of ten people to in the end find out that the room you want to play isn’t suitable for that amount of people.

Luckily all escape room providers list the amount of people directly on their website, so make sure to check this out.

Important to note is also that in general most rooms are suited for up to six or seven people. If you are more than that you can usually split up and play two different at the same time.

What you also need to keep in mind is that if there is a room that is suited for more players, lets say around ten, you are probably better off not playing this room with just two participants, as it is very hard to create an escape room that is at the same time suited for two or ten players. (this normally just means that the room is incredibly hard if you are just two players)


3. Location


Important but shouldn’t be your main concern, of course it is great to play an escape room which you can easily reach via car or public transport, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself because of this and maybe miss a great experience.

Its sometime also not the best idea to go for an escape room in the middle of the city, keep in mind that rent in inner cities is way higher than a bit outside, which usually leads to escape rooms in the city being smaller than the ones further outside. If that is a criteria you look out for in escape rooms, you should check locations which are not in the inner city.


4. Difficulty


This point might seem very important to some players, as you might fear that you wont be able to finish the room, or that you won’t like it because it’s too hard, but this is actually not such a big issue. Yes a hard escape room might not be as fun for some groups as an easy one, or the other way around, but every escape room has a game operator on location who will always help you if you are stuck somewhere. Also in the end it is about the fun you have while solving the riddles and not necessarily about “winning” the game.


5. Reviews


Make sure to check out the escape rooms reviews before booking but also don’t let yourself be discouraged by bad reviews. Every Escape Room has bad reviews, just as every other spare time activity or anything else that can be reviewed online. Not everybody likes every game, just make sure that there are more good reviews and that you like the escape rooms theme and you are good to go.

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