Escape Rooms for Students

A special pastime activity. Perfect for a little adventure now and then.

Especially during your studies, you need a break in now and then. We offer the perfect pastime for you and your friends here at Plan B Escape with our exciting Escape Rooms, for which you will of course get a student discount!

So if you want to get away from student life for a while, our puzzles and challenges are just what you need. And your brain will not be under-challenged: Logical thinking, creative solutions, and unconventional ideas will help you to conquer our Escape Rooms. The games also offer a good basis to get to know each other better, as teamwork and communication are very important.

If there are a lot of you, you can also split up into several escape rooms and fight for the team that can finish the game the fastest!

Reserve up to 3 Escape Rooms for an exciting and fun time out.

Each adventure team will be assigned its own game master, who will accompany the team before, during, and after the game. Whether apocalypse, horror, or bank robbery, there is something for every taste.

Team spirit and communication

You and your team will be faced with new challenges and can benefit from an experience that is fun, demands brains, and brings you closer together.

An Escape Game at Plan B promotes team spirit, cooperation, and the playful solution of problems.