Escape Room Wonderland

You have looked too deep down the rabbit hole and fall and fall and fall. After falling seemingly endlessly, you land on a soft grassy floor. The sun is shining brightly and everything is full of delightful smells and sounds. You wander through the area until you find a small house.

Who will you meet there and will he be friendly to you?

Embark on a wonderful adventure into Wonderland and discover all sorts of puzzles.

Will you manage to wake up from this dream and return to the real world?

Welcome to the enchanting world of our Wonderland escape room, where fantasy and reality blur in the most delightful way!

As you embark on this surreal journey, you’ll encounter familiar characters like the Rabbit, the Hatter, and the Cat. Each character leads you through a series of clever and captivating puzzles that reflect the playful spirit of Wonderland.

Will you be able to handle such an adventure?

Your mission?

  • – To solve the Queen of Hearts’ riddles
  • – Escape her kingdom before time runs out
  • – Navigate through the whimsical twists and turns
  • – Solve the Mad Hatter’s riddles
  • – Avoid the Queen’s guards to find your way back home

Why should you book this exit room:

  • – It combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and adventure
  • – perfect for all ages
  • – encouraging teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving in a fun, immersive setting

Are you ready to step into a world where nothing is quite as it seems? Join us in the mystery escape room ‘Wonderland’ and let your imagination run wild.