Escape Room The Dungeon

The Dungeon - 1 | PlanB Escape

Whether for a teambuilding event or as a date for two, the quests in our dungeon inspire even the most experienced exit game players and beginners at the same time. With our dungeon we offer you the unique opportunity to literally break out of your everyday life and test your skills in an unusual live-adventure situation. Will your group be one of the few to escape, or will our escape game take you to the limits of your friendship and teamwork. Find out.

Prepare to take a step back in time with one of our top-sellers games. Our incredible prison escape room fuses mind-boggling riddles with a collaborative effort inside a captivating medieval setup. Get ready to take part in a unique escape room experience that will pique your interest and challenge your abilities.

General Information

In “The Dungeon,” you will discover an unrivaled escape room experience:

  • – Space for teams of 2 to 8 players
  • – 60 minutes of gripping challenges
  • – Available in both German and English
  • – Suitable for all players, regardless of age or experience level

Brave the unknown and experience an entertaining visit to our medieval escape room for a memorable adventure.

Inside The Dungeon

Venture into the eerie and mysterious backdrop of the prison escape room:

  • – Decipher cryptic clues and intricate puzzles to plan your escape
  • – Discover hidden medieval objects necessary for your breakout
  • – Follow the path of a former prisoner and complete puzzles that once led him to freedom
  • – Step into a meticulously designed and executed medieval dungeon for the full immersive experience

Reasons to Visit The Dungeon

Prepare yourself for a different type of dungeon break with many compelling reasons to visit:

  • – Exhilarating Adventure: Break free from the usual routine and let our thrilling challenges transport you to the medieval times
  • – Boost Teamwork: Strengthen bonds and collaboration among your team members through our exciting and interactive exitgames
  • – Hone Problem-solving Skills: Interpret clues and solve riddles to foster analytical thinking and decision-making skills
  • – Unique Atmosphere: Unlike any standard breakout theme, our “medieval escape” involved a distinctive historical setting for added flair

Don’t shy away from the intriguing world of exitgames. Wrestle your way out from ‘The Dungeon’ for a noteworthy escape-game journey. To learn more and to book your next quest, visit Plan B Escape – The Dungeon.