Team-building Events

Team-building events have a firm place on the agenda of companies. After all, you are most successful when you have a good team that can adapt to different situations and challenges and works well together.

Our puzzles and challenges require both targeted action and free-thinking.

Cooperation and sharing of know-how lead to success. We at Plan B Escape Game have experience with large corporate events and can offer your company an entertaining stay. 

Playful cooperation and shared experiences of success motivate and strengthen each other.

At Plan B Escape Game you can book a special company event for your employees.

Book our premises with 2-3 exciting escape rooms.

Each adventure team will be assigned its own game master, who will accompany the team before, during, and after the game.

They will provide an unforgettable experience for your employees and colleagues.

Team spirit and communication

You and your team will be faced with new challenges and can benefit from an experience that brings your employees closer together and gives them the opportunity to get to know each other outside the workplace. Our concept, adapted for team-building events, offers more than a normal company trip.

A Team Escape Event at Plan B promotes team spirit, cooperation, and the playful solving of problems.

Enhance the strength of your team dynamics through the engaging and challenging team building escape game experience at Plan B Escape Game Center. This unique venture both strengthens bonds and develops capabilities essential for high-performing teams. Here’s what makes Plan B’s Escape Game an excellent choice for your next company event.

General Information

Our escape games located in Stuttgart include team escape options that are far from the ordinary. They not only test mental mettle but also help foster a cooperative spirit among teammates. Key elements of this exciting team bonding adventure:

  • Perfectly suited for corporate events and team-building exercises
  • Choose from 2-3 intriguing escape rooms to keep the challenge fresh
  • Each team is assigned a personal game master who guides through the game
  • The “Team escape Stuttgart” experience builds unity and improves communication

Inside the Escape Room

Expect heart-racing, mind-boggling action as teams navigate their escape missions:

  • Teams face puzzles requiring both targeted approach and free thinking
  • Encourages the sharing of knowledge and ideas amongst members
  • The game masters add a personal touch to the play, creating memorable interactions
  • Unique obstacles provide learning moments that extend beyond the game

While different from your typical office retreat, Plan B’s exitgames present a platform that encourages fun-filled learning.

Why Choose Our Team Building Escape Game

This thrilling adventure at Plan B offers more than just lock and key puzzles. Here are the reasons for opting for Plan B escape games for your team building:

  • A catalyst for cooperation, promoting team spirit and enhancing communication
  • A shift from the mundane company outings
  • An opportunity to know your teammates beyond the workplace constraints
  • A team-bonding exercise that blends fun with learning, making it a win-win

Ready to take your team building to new heights? Plan your event with Plan B Escape and experience an unforgettable session that not only brings the team closer but leaves each member with a renewed understanding of the power of collaboration.