Best way to spend a day with family and friends

Escape rooms in Stuttgart offer a unique and immersive experience that combines adventure, teamwork, and problem-solving.

In 6 years we have created 9 different themed quests:

  • “Wonderland” – Join Alice in a race against time
  • “The Eternal Winter” – For the fans of dragons and GOT
  • “Lilith” – one of the most daring Horror rooms in Germany
  • “The Battle for the Stars” – must visit for all the fans of Star Wars
  • “The Magical University” – wands, magic and a battle against evil
  • “Bunker 666” – the future of the world lies in your hands
  • “The Secret Jungle” – insidious animals and ancient secrets
  • “The Dungeon” – escape from medieval prison
  • “Fallout” – ensure the survival of humankind

Our exit games in Stuttgart are not only fun, but they develop:

Team building: They encourage collaboration among participants.

Creative thinking: you’ll face a series of challenges that require not standard decision making.

Attention to detail: The key can be anywhere.

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